I am Already Orange Enough

Suicide cat under the car this morning.  Then she made me beef with broccoli and rice, which is excellent.  The carrots and sweet potatoes with turkey was edible but went on far too long.  She also evened my pants after my bath, so I am sporty and symmetrical.

It is good to be me.

Boofy 2013

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Can Abandonment be Far Behind?

The new salad is disappointing and my bath is overdue.

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The Ledger – Weekend Edition

Generous on walkies both Saturday and yesterday, which is excellent.Sunshine

But then yesterday we callously drive past Petco, and then I am abandonned for several hours.  The yogurt bone thing and then challah when she got back did not sufficiently soften these blows, so I am starting the week with festering neurochemistry.

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And Yet

I have made crystal clear my restrictions vis a vis public bath houses (item 38).  If it is too chilly in my outdoor spa, build me an indoor one rather than subjecting my person to risk of parasites and fungal infections and this laughable anemic dryer.

DryerIt took approximately 7 hours to get me dry, which is several months in Buffy Time, and this is with still-minimal pants on one side.  I could have died of boredom. Pants

Just as well she didn’t get into scissoring the poofy side for symmetry until the following day.  As it was I could easily have succumbed to low blood sugar-induced seizures had we not stopped for a croissant on the way to the park.Wheels

Yes, those are *damp ears*.  And speaking of snacks, the glove box stash is becoming repetitive.

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I saw the new dog who lives across the street again.  While a less excellent dog than myself, he is polite and circumspect, unlike his bark-o-matic next door neighbor.  I believe he contains chow elements.  We exchanged glances only.  I am still not sure how I feel about him.

This weekend she needs to bring me across the street so I can sniff where this dog walks.  And make me oven-fresh cookies and bring me to Petco to see the cats.  Alice gets fresh cookies all the time.  And Hazel has her own cat.

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Okay, Enrich My Environment But Not *Excessively*

Excellent turkey breast and cookie festival with manic training machine Chirag.  On the other hand, just as well he cohabits with parrots or Kelpies or whatever because I had a two-day hangover after one evening with him.  Here I am during my single 15-second break.


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What We Do

CC 5

CC 4CC 3CC 1CC 6

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Top three walkies events the other night:

3) On my wee-wee game.

2) Buzzed every boxed-in dog in the neighborhood with minimal effort.

1) Epic sniffing.

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While Many Will Have Punted Resolutions by January 9th

Walkies 2013 III

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Range to Target News

Outstanding cat day!  Rock Cat bonanza this morning, many opting freeze mode.  Then my evening walkies to mailbox yields a close encounter with Suicide Cat.  As if this weren’t enough, very fresh racoon scent also evident.  This is so captivating that it is paranthetical that I am so far making good on my resolution.

Walkies 2013

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