Yes, Do Order Some Capsules

No amount of sporty pants, which I appreciate, will make up for the multiple attempts, lasting two days, to get me to ingest Chinese herbs.  I will never eat the Chinese herbs.  I don’t care in how much Gerber they are diluted.  I don’t care about the irony.  I don’t care that they’re good for me.  I don’ t care if they would conjure cats out of thin air or grow me an opposable thumb.  I don’t care how happy-happy it would make her.  No amount of chicken and beef makes them okay.  I will never eat them.

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Utter Vindication

photo (30)photo (32)






In other news, she will not stop cleaning out my ears and squirting stuff into them.  I shall have to have another cease and desist drafted.

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At Least Migraines Take My Mind Off My Knee

Multiple, repeated, flagrant violations of Item Number 29 (re: PetCo) this week, and then this morning insoluble complexity vis a vis tail position (stalking requires tail down position, meeting methamphetamine-addicted Aussie requires tail up position, so these occurring in too-rapid succession produced an internal conflict, which is bad for my emotional wellbeing, so she needs to *do* something about this).

On the other hand, excellent choice of snacks for my acupuncture later today.Pecorino

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Ermahgerd! Dercks!


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My Attorneys (Again)

I’m so depressed.  My knee has been acting up, I have been excessively warehoused, the weather is not entirely to my liking, she violated my ears the other day without just cause, I was shortchanged – not once, not twice, not a few times – two entire days on glovebox snacks and, although I got my bath on time and in my personal spa, she neglected pants.Lap Boofy Cropped

As if this weren’t enough, yesterday I ran into Ginkgo and he was with another dog.

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Mysteries of the Heart

I am developing a crush on Ginkgo the Shih Tzu.  After we briefly flirted I spotted him on the way home.  He is very jaunty, cool and handsome.Car


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My Personal Wellness Impinged *Again*

In animal welfare treatises, it is emphasized that I be able to engage in my species-normal behavior patterns, for example, in paragraph two, line one of The Behavioral Environment section here, as well as in the conclusion, which explicitly calls for my “freedom to engage in the species-typical basic activities.”

Therefore, open the door.

The Visitation0004


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And She Wails About *Her* World?

Things have gone catastrophically downhill.  Within the space of not 48 hours I am:

  • Warehoused like puppy mill breeding stock for several hours
  • Rained out on walkies until mid-afternoon
  • Worked to a skeleton on multiple complex burying projects like a character in a Dickens novel
  • Short-changed on my bed-time cookie: I wanted one of the big peanut butter ones, not one of the small liver ones (WTF)
  • Rushed while sniffing
  • Ruthlessly driven right past Petco
  • Given some sort of crunchies sample as experimental meal
  • Ignored when I courteously queued up for teeth brushing

Oh, and I had naively given Murphy false information on my welfare at our last meeting, and was unable to get a word in edgewise today, so if anyone is reading, please send the authorities with weapons.  Given the current trend, I’ll be dead and cremated by the end of the week.Skyping VI



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photo (39)It continues to be good to be me.  The weather improves so there is reasonable chance my next bath will be in my personal spa and not at the bacteria-laden public bathhouse.  There are inevitably hydrophobes there that whine and gripe and carry on, giving me a migraine during the interminable blow-out with the 9-volt battery dryer.

Then the glovebox stash was down to fumes yesterday and I could have had a blood sugar crash, however this catastrophe was nicely averted.

Yet all of this is dwarfed by my discovery of the rock cat caves.Rock Cats


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