Meals:Nails Index

Mercifully, I’m getting something like regular meals in my actual dish rather than in Everlasting Fun Ball.  Would that meals had half the clockwork regularity of nails, which, if skipped, would apparently rip a hole in the fabric of space-time.  And I’m just finishing up my post-nails salad when I get wind some dog will be here for a movie night this weekend.  In *my* house, touching *my* toys, possibly eating *my* crunchies.  If I don’t still have a tennis ball mouth hangover from Patriot Ball I’m buffing this thing on the way through the door.  I’ll get timed out for the duration of the credits but whatever.  Still a net gain of several thousand.  We’re not talking about BF Skinner here.  She’ll never dope out the economics.

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