And She Wails About *Her* World?

Things have gone catastrophically downhill.  Within the space of not 48 hours I am:

  • Warehoused like puppy mill breeding stock for several hours
  • Rained out on walkies until mid-afternoon
  • Worked to a skeleton on multiple complex burying projects like a character in a Dickens novel
  • Short-changed on my bed-time cookie: I wanted one of the big peanut butter ones, not one of the small liver ones (WTF)
  • Rushed while sniffing
  • Ruthlessly driven right past Petco
  • Given some sort of crunchies sample as experimental meal
  • Ignored when I courteously queued up for teeth brushing

Oh, and I had naively given Murphy false information on my welfare at our last meeting, and was unable to get a word in edgewise today, so if anyone is reading, please send the authorities with weapons.  Given the current trend, I’ll be dead and cremated by the end of the week.Skyping VI



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