The Geiger Counter

I am mishandled and irradiated again this morning, however have been cleared by my physicians for longer walkies, trotting and resumption of body building, which is excellent.  However it’s all back-burnered until I complete the final edit on my New Year’s Resolution.  I’m moved to state something more nuanced than last year’s (“more sniffing”) without losing the essence.   “More thorough sniffing” was an excellent first draft and I think I’m getting warmer.

Heroic sniffing   Endless sniffing  Eternal sniffing   Sniffing without end   More determined sniffing   More focused sniffing   Even more sniffing   Going down sniffing   Sniffing without borders   Unadulterated sniffing   Boundless sniffing   Sniffing: passion and longing   Sniffing unabridged   Sniffing for posterity   I am all dogs: the sniffing begins   Majestic sniffing   Life is sniffing   Sniffing: not just for breakfast anymore   Perpetual sniffing   Sniffing exalted   Indefatigable sniffing   Volume increases in sniffing without loss of thoroughness   Sniffing for the fences   More dedicated sniffing of vegetation   The resolute cause of sniffing   Sniffing: urine, cats and other stuff   Greatly expanded sniffing Greatly expanded in both scope and detail sniffing   Questing ever-better sniffing   More earnest sniffing   Unfaltering daily sniffing of all matter   Less self-editing of sniffing   Mindful sniffing   Sniffing our way off the fiscal cliff   Bad-ass sniffing   More bad-ass sniffing than previously   Dauntless sniffing   Dauntless bad-ass sniffing   Schwab Diddy Got Sniff   Unyielding sniffing without regard for aerobic benefit   Inexorable sniffing   Intrepid sniffing …

Yes, that’s it.  Intrepid sniffing.

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