She has this compulsion to purchase fantastically unlikeable dog beds, which accumulate for a while until she finally gives up and donates them to less superfantastic dogs than myself.  The other day I buzzed her by cheerfully getting on a small pile of these *for Irene*.

Most of my payback is in the form of world-class shedding, but this was extra-special.  And I think the sleepy chin down maneuver was a nice touch.

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One Response to Gaslight

  1. Katalin says:

    Marvelous! I have oddly taken to the occasional nap/ restful moment on one or two of mine as well. Maybe there’s something in the water? I’ve gone almost exactly 8 years without using mine and was caught in the act in the middle of the night last week… sleeping on a purple one (they say they got it to match the color of my tongue but I don’t buy it, I think it was some attempt to embarrass me and now I have to live with a picture of me on that thing on her phone).