IRENE is on a plane!  Ireeeeeeene!  To see me.  To go walkies with me.  To supply cookies on demand to me.  To lobby all day every day.  For me.  Two hours to go.  Two hours!  Two hours!

Plus, Al will be coming over on Thursday.  To see me.

This is excellent.









In other news, I very much appreciate the industrial-sized food processor to improve production of my homemade food, however we must remember to put the bone meal in **prior to** refrigeration, otherwise it’s slightly gritty in my teeth.  We wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize our slab fracture repairs, necessitating another violation of my person.

It is apparently Cat Month.  The Lady in the Pom Pom Hat feeds the rock cats and they proliferate more and more.  The marina rats inevitably get their share too and they are fat and sluggish.  Yesterday, after grazing one on walkies, I nearly ambushed Suicide Cat (engaging in unwatchful hygiene) on the way home by squeezing out the car window.

This is also excellent.

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