New orange cat in neighborhood.  I’m so excited I could scream.  And the batty ladies who feed the rock cats are increasingly lulled by my collected drive-bys.  Every day I inch closer.  It’s like a chow advent calendar.     

She finally took scissors to my poofy pants yesterday, and my suspicion re: photo opps was confirmed when out came the chicken this afternoon.  Every time I helpfully arranged myself in the cookie readiness position, the hat fell off my head, necessitating lots of re-shoots.  Excellent.  And even if she had gone to technology to fasten it, it’s still a guaranteed win with bonus rounds of Pavlovian hairpin conditioning.  It is good to be me.


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2 Responses to Me

  1. Katalin says:

    Oh Buffy I feel you! I am going through the same thing. Have you seen my human’s profile picture on that Facebook thing? It’s humiliating. I had to be Pavloved into, of all things… are you ready for this… a hat and scarf depicting a black CAT! But loads of chicken and cheese for me so I suppose I can’t complain. I only wish the whole world couldn’t see it. And you’re right, the gentle shift in position that results in the hat falling off is genius. Lots of re-shoots for that. Every year it’s the same thing next to that little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. At least it’s only once a year but when will she learn that I’m dark so I don’t photograph well? Ah well, more chicken and cheese for me. Only I wish I had a chow advent calendar too! Happy cat chasing to you!
    -Special Dark

    • buffy says:

      If she dopes out that you’re dark, there’ll be more flash. On one hand, blinding. On the other hand, the pre-flash red light allows for carefully timed hat slide. Makes them crazy. I will look for you on human Facebook.