If Animals Have Interests and Chows Are Animals, Then I Require Greater Consideration

Small mammals have proliferated at the marina but I am forbidden from imbibing.  This is complete crap.  If it is about my knee, I will gladly take take my chances.  It’s **my** knee.  If it’s about them, it defies analysis.  I counted 75 000 on cursory glance this morning, a larger number than the Yankees left stranded yesterday.  So we’re not talking about snow leopards here.  But the thought of me having just one – even a small sickly one – is apparently some sort of epic animal welfare crisis.  Fine.  I’ll work around this. 

Then, as I am partying with my toys before breakfast she ambushes me for nails.  Would that spa treatments were so regular.  I appreciate the careful attention to my feet and lower legs but my pants are getting very poofy.

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