And I Never Would Have Found Out Bigger Greenies Existed if John Hadn’t Sent a Care Package









The salad is now spectacular. 






And my spa is days away.

On the crap side of the ledger, I had a sprinting indiscretion yesterday afternoon so am on reduced walkies today, and later will be abandonned for several hours. 

Oh, and get a load of this.  To the right, a comparison of Greenie size sent from John to the size she usually gives me. 

I rest my case.


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4 Responses to And I Never Would Have Found Out Bigger Greenies Existed if John Hadn’t Sent a Care Package

  1. John Visconti says:

    Dear Boofy… Greenies, while yummy, are poor replacements for squirrels. They only use them to try to distract us. The bigger the Greenie, the more they’re trying to control you. I know from experience, John is my dad.

    Pepper Visconti

    PS: Do you know where it is a squirrel?

  2. Buffy says:

    What is WITH the control thing? They drive cars, have credit cards, operate computers and build helicopters, but get all frowny and paranoid that some sixty-pound dog might be staging a coup? Pardon my French, but that’s batshit crazy. Where are all the therapists?


    PS I was going to ask you the same thing. Crap.

  3. John Visconti says:


    Mine is HIDING squirrels. Here’s how I know how. Every time I find squirrel, he calls me away…. the next day I go back to the same spot and…no squirrel. I’m pretty sure he watches me and waits until I find squirrel. Then he calls me away from squirrel, brings me into the big box, and then later goes back outside to that spot, catches squirrel for himself and buries it somewhere.

    Squirrel Possessive he is. I need to start going out the door in front of him to establish leadership.