I Could Conceivably Launch Anti-Cat Drones From Here

Excellent day, on balance.  Miniscule shoots have appeared in both my pots.  Fresh salad is days away.



Dr. Anne came to check my various systems and this went well until she attempted to jam an acupuncture needle the diameter of Ganymede into my knee.  I attempted to vacate without success.  Lots of apparently amusing war stories then ensued about them having been bitten by this dog here and that dog there and aren’t-cats-such-fun-when-THEY-open-you-up and, oh, it was so hilarious when so-and-so was bitten by yet another dog, all the while utterly glossing over the fact that I had not so much as attempted to bite anyone, ***even though they had nearly killed me seconds earlier and so had it coming***.

Have excellent acupuncture endorphins buzz now.  Plus, I have discovered a new surveillance apparatus.

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