I’m Back

Apparently I am to to assist with the excitable Akita down the street, who hates me for my freedom.  This is acceptable, as long as a) I get at least as much chicken as she does, b) I can buzz her if the mood strikes, and c) we continue on to the cat colony the next street over.  They are breeding like flies, outdone only by the black and whites two doors down (who nest in the trees, they are so plentiful).  I know she selfishly wants to do a trap/neuter/release effort even though it would cap my supply longer term.  Typical.

I’m also going to star in a pilling video for veterinary clients, which will be easier money.  Not only have I been pilled more than Heath Ledger and so could do it in a coma, the incremental steps simulating the uneducated = a chicken extravaganza.

In other news, she slipped Greek yogurt into my breakfast.  I ate it but am now on alert in case she gets aggressive with the proportions.

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