So I go from 5 000 supplements per day to 5005 or whatever.  I’ll live with it if it means a chicken chaser and no more godforsaken Chinese herbs surreptitiously mixed into my food.  That was hell on earth.  I could have starved.















Eventful walkies all week.  Cesar Chavez juveniles, epic sniffing, and then every day, rock cats.  They are out and off guard.   This is superfantastic.Rock Cat













We are out early to beat the heat, and so are they.  Dog-wise, it’s been bland.  One morning I met a reasonably interesting Dachshund, but no Ginkgo.  Oh, and speaking of less boring dogs, she has taken to suggesting a wide berth around the screen door dogs I buzz on evening walkies, thus knocking yet another enrichment activity out of my (33)  Typical.

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