Yes, Do Order Some Capsules

No amount of sporty pants, which I appreciate, will make up for the multiple attempts, lasting two days, to get me to ingest Chinese herbs.  I will never eat the Chinese herbs.  I don’t care in how much Gerber they are diluted.  I don’t care about the irony.  I don’t care that they’re good for me.  I don’ t care if they would conjure cats out of thin air or grow me an opposable thumb.  I don’t care how happy-happy it would make her.  No amount of chicken and beef makes them okay.  I will never eat them.

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One Response to Yes, Do Order Some Capsules

  1. Ghost says:

    Good for you. Do you know what is happening to the cheese? My human is adding something to the cheese. The second piece is normal, as if to confuse me, but the first piece always tastes odd. You have to keep your eye on these people.