At Least Migraines Take My Mind Off My Knee

Multiple, repeated, flagrant violations of Item Number 29 (re: PetCo) this week, and then this morning insoluble complexity vis a vis tail position (stalking requires tail down position, meeting methamphetamine-addicted Aussie requires tail up position, so these occurring in too-rapid succession produced an internal conflict, which is bad for my emotional wellbeing, so she needs to *do* something about this).

On the other hand, excellent choice of snacks for my acupuncture later today.Pecorino

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2 Responses to At Least Migraines Take My Mind Off My Knee

  1. Sequoyah says:

    Buffy, maybe we should join forces. I will overlook the comment you made about Aussies if you will forgive me for saying that if you are going to have a tail, at least don’t make a corkscrew out of it – the humans can get their own wine without help from either of us. Now, because problem solving is my game, here’s what we can do. Simultaneously, one of us on each coast, will pull the plug on the ‘puter and oust those girls from the Cafe until we get Pecorino Romano and Salmon Brownies. Ready, set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • buffy says:

      It’s no use. They’ll punt to phones and go on endlessly about what quadrant it was when the power went out. However, I note that you get salmon brownies. This is further evidence of her neglect.